About Us

At Madras Terrace, we architect & design, and also execute projects on a turnkey basis, right from approval till handover; therefore not just producing good designs but also making sure that the design gets implemented well.

We at Madras Terrace consider appropriateness of any idea in relation to its context as the principle behind the design such as,

  • Designing spaces that originate from the clients’ dreams and life styles
  • Construction techniques that suit the need and the budget of the project
  • Creation of comfortable living through design of spaces with ample amount of lighting and ventilation through wide openings creating cross-ventilation patterns for flow of air along with natural lighting
  • Design ideas that respond to the site and its surroundings and suitably providing interesting structural solutions & elements
  • Take into consideration energy savings & efficiency, sustainability through integration of state of the art technology & environment friendly construction techniques and materials; such that one can live comfortably even in a hot (& perhaps humid) climate
  • Creating inviting spaces such that the architecture percolates into the very dream and life style of our customer

As a firm, we believe in the evolution of 3-Dimensional Spatial planning through modelling that addresses all the above mentioned points as a holistic part of the design rather than a one just drafted on paper (with 2 Dimensions), which translates to a successful practice.

Madras Terrace is led by

  • Archana Y, B.Arch., COA/IIA regd, practicing for 8+ years, with a sense of Creative Architecture coupled with Practical Implementation
  • Shilesh H, M.Sc. (M.Arch), TU-Delft, The Netherlands, COA/IIA Regd, also an Assistant Professor at MEASI Academy of Architecture, with a strong foundation in Architecture

Mentored by

  • Sudheendra NK, AMIE, MBA - Finance & Strategy, Gold medallist from IIM-Bangalore, with 23 years of experience and international exposure

Supported by

  • Sathya Keerthy G, with 25+ years of experience in legal & compliance